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Gear / gear axis of CNC shot peening machine tools

Quick Overview

This large machine is designed to handle the inner and outside diameter of shot peening surface,

for ranges of gear components to reach 126 inch length, 31.5 inch diameter.

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This large machine is designed to handle the inner and outside diameter of shot peening surface,

for ranges of gear components to reach 126 inch length, 31.5 inch diameter.

For large parts handling equipment used in horizontal spindle is equipped with a lifting and rotating lift or index.

Horizontal rotary spray gun by programming on the surface of shot peening,

and a robot control nozzle pressure or rotating grab a hammer is driven on parts of the automatic shot peening processing. In addition,

a vision system identification robot enables the system control to verify the correct selection and installation location.

Effect of shot peening on surface morphology and performance is mainly manifested in the change of surface hardness,

surface roughness, stress corrosion resistance and fatigue life of parts.

Parts of the material surface in steel beam under the impact of cyclic plastic deformation.

According to the nature of the materials and the state of different shot peening surface materials will occur the following changes:

the change in hardness, microstructure change, phase transformation, surface residual stress field formation and surface roughness degree of change.

Influence of shot peening quality mainly in the following aspects: steel shot, steel shot diameter, steel shot speed, steel shot flow,

spray angle, spray distance, injection time and coverage. Any one of the parameters will affect the effect of Shot Peening in varying degrees.


Improve the Gear teeth bending fatigue strength and contact fatigue strength, the ability of anti bite gear and the gear service life.

The equipment is widely used in the repair and maintenance of various aircraft landing gear and jet engine parts, widely used in military,

aviation field, used in wind power, automobile and other manufacturing industries, mainly used in wheel, screw, spring, gear,

connecting rod and crankshaft and other important parts of the strengthening treatment


The shot peening technology is mainly using high-speed steel shot particles hit the metal surface at room temperature,

made the surface material elastic and plastic deformation and presents a high residual compressive stress thus improve the workpiece surface strength,

and fatigue strength. The shot peening elastic deformation of the workpiece surface and produced a large amount of bycrystals and dislocations,

made the material surface strengthening.As the following picture shows.

Method for measuring shot peening intensity

When the metal flow of spray shot accept will bend. Saturation and shot peening intensity are two important concepts in the process of shot peening.

Saturated is the state of the mechanical properties of the jet area under the same condition, and it will not change the mechanical properties of the affected area.

The shot peening intensity, the sheet metal is preformed by striking certain specifications (i.e. specimen), the degree of saturation within the prescribed time,

and try the value degree of camber bending to measure the spray.

Effect of shot peening on fatigue resistance of parts

With the aid of the surface cold deformation, the essence of the material surface strengthening is the change of the structure of the material surface,

the introduction of the residual compressive stress and the change of the surface morphology.

Operational requirements

  1. Synchronous detection parameters;
  2. Fully programmable control, with the function of storing and calling program;
  3. Convenient maintenance;
  4. Simple operation to meet the requirements of different customers;
  5. Stable pellet flow rate and coverage rate, to ensure the stability of products;
  6. Automatic generation of reinforcement parameters;
  7. Size and shape sorting mechanism for pill material;
  8. Operating speed and angle of the spray gun, the conveying and working accuracy of the workpiece;
  9. Pressure control of blasting action;


  1. Large operating space, equipped with electric crane loading and unloading parts;
  2. High precision Longmen robot ;
  3. Four axle spindle;
  4. CNC system;
  5. Side rotary spray gun shot blasting;
  6. Material vibration screening system;
  7. Automatic material flow control system;
  8. Automatic control system of blast pressure;
  9. Computer operation interface.


  1. Size of shot peening material is S230 and S330;
  2. The installation of manual and shot peening position front host;
  3. Increase ladders and platforms;
  4. Special size spray gun and nozzle;
  5. Quantity of spare parts accessories.


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