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Green high alumina porcelain (oblique cylinder) lowest price wholesale

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Surface treatment abrasive, high quality green high alumina porcelain (oblique cylinder)
SKU: Green high alumina porcelain (oblique cylinder)


It is mainly made of high-quality ultra-fine silicon micro-powder and ceramic bond, such as cutting and high-temperature calcination. It has high precision for grinding and polishing the surface of the parts. The particle size is generally 180 mesh. It is mainly used for various metals after rough polishing. The throwing of the surface of non-metallic parts can be used in vibratory finishing machines, planetary finishing machines, vortex finishing machines and roller finishing machines.


It has strong cutting force and is used to remove burrs, flash edges, oxide layers, rust marks and creases on the surface of metal and non-metal parts. It has a polishing effect on the surface of the parts. It is a medium-polished abrasive, especially suitable for jade. Fine polishing effect of natural materials such as jade.

Grinding block-Green high alumina porcelain (oblique cylinder)





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