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High quality brown corundum coarse grinding block (sphere) wholesale

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Surface treatment grinding block, high quality brown corundum coarse grinding block (sphere)
SKU: Brown corundum coarse grinding block (sphere)


The brown corundum grinding block (grinding stone) is made of high-quality brown corundum sand powder (non-reclaimed sand) and ceramic bond by cutting and high-temperature calcination. It has strong cutting force and is used to remove the surface of metal and non-metal parts. Burr, flash, oxide layer, rust, grain, etc., the precision of the surface polishing and polishing of the parts is generally required for rough polishing.


The brown corundum grinding block is characterized by strong grinding force and is mainly used for rough grinding of ordinary steel and stainless steel. Mainly used in vibrating grinding and polishing machine, barrel grinding and polishing machine, centrifugal polishing machine, eddy current finishing machine.

The shape of the brown corundum grinding block mainly includes a positive oblique triangle, a spherical shape, a positive oblique cylinder, and the like, and other shapes can be customized.

Grinding block-Brown corundum coarse grinding block (sphere)







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