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High quality butterfly steel ball factory direct sales

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Abrasive on the surface, high quality butterfly steel beads
SKU: Butterfly steel ball


Grinding block-Butterfly steel ball

It is made of high-quality stainless steel wire which is cold-polished and polished. It is used for further polishing of parts after rough polishing and medium throwing. It provides the brightness of the surface of the parts to a large extent, or to the mirror surface. It is applied to various hardware, stainless steel, Non-ferrous metal parts (such as forged parts, die-cast parts, machined parts, etc.) made of copper, aluminum alloy, etc. are deburred and polished, especially for irregularly shaped workpieces.

Common specifications for the butterfly are1*3, 2*4, 3.5*5.5, 4.5*7, 6*8, 8*11, etc.Users can choose the size according to the material, structure and size of the part, or they can be customized.







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