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Surface treatment abrasive,high quality and efficiency
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Metal abrasive-Copper pill

The copper pellets are refined by techniques such as drawing, cutting and rounding. The appearance is golden and shiny, and the beads are round. Mainly used in the processing of smoothing, strengthening, matt, color enhancement, etc. on the surface of workpieces such as valves, electrical fittings and decorations.

The specific gravity is close to that of steel, and the hardness is low, so not only can the large burr be removed without abrading the surface of the product, but also a preservative rust-proof layer is formed on the metal surface. In addition,because it is different from aluminum abrasives, the dust has a low ignition point and is safe. It also has a significant whitening effect on the surface of the workpiece.




Suitable for multi-scale fields such as aviation, foundry, steel structure, construction, hardware, vehicles, etc.

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