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High quality high alumina porcelain abrasive (oblique cylindrical) factory direct sales

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Surface treatment abrasive, high quality high alumina porcelain abrasive (oblique cylindrical)
SKU: High alumina porcelain abrasive (oblique cylindrical)


High-aluminum porcelain is mainly made of high-quality ultra-fine calcined alumina powder, zirconia and ceramic bond, such as rolling forming and high-temperature calcination. The precision of grinding and polishing the surface of the parts is high. The granularity is generally fine in W63, mainly used for The precision polishing of the surface of various metal and non-metal parts after rough polishing and medium throwing can be used together with the matching brightener to greatly improve the brightness of the surface of the part. It can be strong in the vibratory finishing machine.


High-aluminum porcelain is a kind of metal surface polishing material. Its surface is fine and wear-resistant, and its hardness is several times higher than that of ordinary polishing stone. Commonly used in aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, white iron, titanium alloy, resin (plastic) and other materials such as surface polishing, light cutting, fine polishing, vibrating, chemical treatment front surface treatment, fine grinding before plating.

Grinding block-High alumina porcelain abrasive (oblique cylindrical)





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