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High quality resin grinding stone (conical) factory direct sales

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Surface treatment abrasive, high quality resin grinding stone (conical)
SKU: Resin grinding stone (conical)


Resin grinding stone is also known as plastic grinding stone and plastic grinding stone. Mainly used in copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, lead-tin alloy, magnesium alloy and other soft metal parts and plastic workpiece surface burrs, to the front, throw brightness.


Resin abrasives can be used for coarse, medium and fine grinding of soft metal and plastic workpieces. It is mainly suitable for rough grinding and medium grinding of workpieces, especially for deburring of soft alloys such as copper and aluminum. It does not change the color of the workpiece itself. It is not as easy to scratch the workpiece as brown fused alumina. It has a good throwing effect and fine polishing. A higher order resin abrasive is required.

Generally, the vibration polishing machine and the polishing liquid can be used to remove the surface burrs, scales, flash edges, chamfers, and uniform surface effects of the workpiece. Glasses frames, heels, etc., which require fine polishing, use high-mesh resin abrasives, and with brighteners, have a good polishing effect!

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