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Surface treatment abrasive,High quality steel ball
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Metal abrasive-Cast steel shot




Strengthened steel shot, also known as high strength steel shot, high carbon steel shot, spring steel shot. It is refined by drawing, cutting and strengthening. The particle size is uniform. The hardness of the product is HV400-500, HV500-555, HV555-605, HV610-670 and HV670-740 respectively. The product size ranges from 0.2mm to 3.0mm. The shapes are round cut pellets, roundness G1, G2, G3; the service life is from 3500 to 9600 cycles.


1. The strengthened steel shot has stronger toughness and is not easy to be broken, so it has long service life and strong impact resistance, and can achieve the spray (bive) pellet strength in a shorter time; the consumption is lower during use;

2. In the selection of better spray shot peening equipment, reasonable shot peening process, the selection of reinforced steel shots can obtain the cyclic strain hardening microstructure in the surface layer of the workpiece and introduce the optimized residual compressive stress field in the surface layer. The outer surface can obtain a low surface roughness, thereby increasing the fatigue life of the workpiece to be treated by 30%;

3. Strengthening steel shots can bring higher quality of shot blasting and significantly improve cleaning efficiency;

4. The dust generated by the strengthened steel shot is also lower. Compared with the ordinary high steel shot, the dust discharge volume is reduced by at least 30%, which prolongs the service life of the dust collector and reduces the pollution to the environment. It is truly green. Steel pill.






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