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High quality walnut shells abrasive factory direct sales

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Surface treatment abrasive, high quality walnut shells
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Grinding block-Walnut shells

Walnut shell has high hardness, wear resistance and pressure resistance. Its pressure resistance is 23.4KgF. It has stable chemical properties, does not dissolve in acid and alkali, and has strong adsorption and interception capacity. The adsorption rate is 27-50%. The hydrophilicity is good against oil. Dip, specific gravity g/cm31.25, slightly larger than water, filling specific gravity is 0.85g/cm3, easy to backwash regeneration, compared with other filter materials, it has the advantage of directly using pre-filtration water backwash, low operating cost, anti The flushing intensity is low, (6.71/S. m2), and the filtration speed is fast (24-26/n). The oilfield has no significant effect on water treatment, the oil removal is up to 95%, and the oil content is reduced to less than 5mg/l.


1. Walnut shell granules can also be used as abrasives. They can be used for cleaning and polishing metals, alloys, molds, instruments, motors, plastics, gold and silver jewellery, glasses, watches, and buttons. In addition to paint stains and rust stains, the sandblasting industry Chemical substances, etc;

2. Walnut shell abrasive is produced according to national industrial standards with good durability, polishing, good grinding effect, etc., and has a wide range of applications, suitable for various basic metals such as zinc, aluminum, copper, copper alloy, brass, bronze, Stainless, steel, titanium and other coarse, medium and fine rolling to mirror surface grinding effect;

3. Walnut sand abrasive is suitable for deburring and polishing in the glasses industry, textile industry, machining, hardware, bearing and other industries; it is also a polishing material, which can be used with various polishing, sandblasting and cleaning equipment. Suitable for grinding and polishing of eyeglass frames, eyeglass accessories and other hardware.








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