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High quality white corundum coarse grinding block (oblique cylinder) factory direct sales

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Surface treatment abrasive, high quality white corundum coarse grinding block (oblique cylinder)
SKU: White corundum coarse grinding block (oblique cylinder)


As a kind of artificial corundum, white corundum has a sharp appearance and a high purity. White corundum is made of alumina as raw material. It is made by high-temperature melting, pulverizing, molding, separating impurities and processing into various particle sizes. The hardness is higher than that of brown fused alumina, but the flexibility is not good.


The white corundum grinding block abrasive is made of industrial alumina powder as raw material, and is cooled by smelting at a hightemperature of 2000 degrees or more in an electric arc. After being pulverized and shaped, magnetically selected to remove iron, the sieve is divided into various particle sizes, and the texture is dense and high in hardness. It is formed into a sharp angle and is suitable for rough grinding and medium grinding. White corundum has the characteristics of high hardness, slightly low toughness, anti-corrosion and wear resistance, high purity, good thermal stability, uniform whiteness and impact resistance.

Grinding block-White corundum coarse grinding block (oblique cylinder)





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