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High quality abrasive for surface treatment
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Metal abrasive-Zinc pill

The zinc pill is refined by drawing, cutting and rounding. It is mainly used for burr removal and cleaning of various aluminum alloy and zinc die-casting products. The specific gravity is close to that of steel and has low hardness. Therefore, it can not only remove large burrs but also form an anti-corrosion and anti-rust layer on the metal surface without abrading the surface of the product. In addition, because it is different from aluminum abrasives, the ignition point of the dust is extremely low and the safety is good. It also has a significant whitening effect on the surface of the workpiece.

Zinc pills are widely used in the deburring of ferrous metal parts, polishing of nonferrous metal parts and main surface finishing of metal parts, precision castings, hardware tools, machinery manufacturing, automotive parts, instrumentation, pumps and other industries. Descaling, deburring, surface defects removal, internal stress removal, etching, matt, leveling, strengthening, rust prevention before spraying, etc.







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