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  • Nylon sand pipe couplings

Nylon sand pipe couplings

Quick Overview

The Tongbao quick couplings attach to blast hose to facilitate connecting blast hose to blast machine, blast hose to blast hose,

and blast hose to quick-coupling nozzle holders.

SKU: Nylon sand pipe couplings


Description of operation

The blast hose must be cut squarely and cleanly.  The nozzle holder is installed with the screws provided.

These screws penetrate the outer wall, but not the inner wall of the blast hose.
In operation, the air pressure inside the blast hose helps hold the nozzle holder securely in place. 
A nozzle washer must be placed on the shoulder inside the nozzle holder to prevent premature wear and failure,

of both the holder and the nozzle, from high-speed abrasive.

Tongbao nylon quick couplings attach to the end of any properly sized blast hose using screws provided.

The hose must be cut squarely and cleanly. The screws should penetrate the outer layer of the blast hose without perforating the inner tube.

In operation, air pressure inside the blast hose helps hold the hose tight against spiral ribs inside the coupling.

Using a quarter turn, the blast operator connects the quick coupling to any other quick coupling or quick coupling nozzle holder.

A built-in lock-spring on the coupling keeps the couplings securely connected. All blast hose coupling connections should be secured with safety cables.

Fiber-reinforced nylon material springs back from most impacts that would dent or deform metal couplings
Built-in lock-springs eliminate need for safety pins
Lighter weight than metal couplings
Injection molded for precise dimensions, ensuring positive fit

Coupling Specifications

TB-G25/32 Quick claw sand pipe coupling

TB-G25/32-S Spray gun coupling

Sealing ring of Quick claw coupling

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