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Operator Safety Systems ( 5 products listed )

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  1. Ambient Air Pump

    The Ambient Air Pump conveys breathing air from a clean environment outside the work area to a low-pressure type

    CE supplied-air respirator worn by an operator inside the blast environment or work zone. 

  2. activated carbon sucking filter

    The filters remove moisture, oil, and dirt particles from compressed air before it reaches your respirator. 

  3. TBS-1 Carbon Monoxide Monitor/Alarm

    TBS-1 is a wall-mountable carbon monoxide monitor and alarm for respirator air supply.

  4. Climate Control Tube

    The Tongbao Climate Control Tube (CCT) allows the blast operator to cool or warm the incoming compressed air to a

    Tongbao high-pressure Type CE continuous flow supplied-air respirator.

  5. Sandblasting suit

    The Tongbao light-duty blast suit protects the operator from the impact of rebounding abrasive. 

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5 Item(s)