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Quality Control

QC Profile

QC/Technical Support

All Our tempered glass screen protectors are inspected one by one before shipment. We have Water angle test equipments. The AF Coating Friction Test equipment , The Steel Ball drop down test equipments and so on.

All our Goods.we Promise without the following problem. If have .Then we 100% Refund Money .

1.  Raw Material 

All our Raw Material including the Glass and the OCA glue adhesive ,All is come from the Japan Asahi and the Japan Nippa Glue. If clients no special requirement on the Raw meterial brand. We will inspect our Raw Glass and the Nippa Glue adhesive before they get into our factory .

2. QC Inspection at site One by One Continuity During the Manufacturing Process.

We have at least five times Inspection to our Tempered glass screen protectors During the manufacturing process All will make sure our quality is perfect before shipment.

3. AF Coating Test and Strengh Test By our test equipments. All our AF test Water angle is more than 110 °.See detailed following photos: