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  • TB-BQLF250A Exhaust Filter Valves

TB-BQLF250A Exhaust Filter Valves

Quick Overview

Pneumatic valve is a kind of important equipment of industrial piping system automation.

It is a pneumatic actuator which is installed on the base of common valve.




Even if the exhaust valve for a long time under the high temperature water immersion does not produce deformation.

Loading and unloading flexible, light weight, easy installation, no rust and other features,

reduce the wear and tear of the opportunity to increase life expectancy.

The main body has the characteristics of rust prevention, light and convenient installation.

The valve has the characteristics of sensitive control, good sealing performance, less loss, low replacement cost and high control pressure.

Reasonable structure, strong aerodynamic performance, the use of less material loss, the size of the interface can be changed.

Equipped with a quick bleed port, the switch quickly, reduce sand blasting pulse phenomenon.

Specifications description

The filter valve can remove medium of all kinds of debris (sand, iron and other foreign bodies), in order to guarantee the normal operation of the various types of valves.


  1. Vertical, horizontal random, the space is small.
  2. The angle between the inlet and outlet can be arbitrary angle, flexible layout.
  3. Can eliminate bubbles in water and soluble in water, reduce system corrosion.
  4. To accommodate large dirt capacity.
  5. Small resistance.

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