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SKU: TB-C150L,TB-C200L,TB-C300L


The table parameter selection of reference only , subject to the actual design.
Contractor Blast Machine 
Technical   paramete TB-C150L TB-C200L TB-C300L
Blasting mode air   jet air   jet air   jet
Shipping Volume 150L 200L 300L
Machine diameter 400mm 500mm 600mm
Operating   tube length 20m 20m 20m
Blasting nozzle diameter(boron carbide) φ6.4 mm φ8   mm φ8   mm
Air consumption (80 psi) 1.923m³/min 3.2m³/min 3.2m³/min
Maximum cycle period
50-30   min 45-25min 54.5-40min
Maximum cycle period
55-27   min 55-25min 60-35min
Appearance paint color amber amber amber
Size (L/B/H)
    Shipping(including skid) 
990/738*1118   mm 1130/808/1268 mm 1169/738*1245   mm 1309/808/1395 mm 1250/760*1520   mm 1320/910/1660 mm
Tare  155kg  206kg 268kg
Sand particle 0.1-1.3   mm 0.1-1.6   mm 0.1-1.6   mm
Metal 0.2-1.3   mm 0.2-1.6   mm 0.2-1.6   mm
Nonmetal 0.1-1.3   mm 0.1-1.6   mm 0.1-1.6   mm
Blasting dose 6   bar 6   bar 6   bar
Metal 7.8   kg/min 12   kg/min 12   kg/min
Nonmetal 3.9   kg/min 6kg/min 6kg/min
Spray capacity with   150L container with   200L container with   300L container
Metal 500   kg 660   kg 1000   kg
Nonmetal 250   kg 330kg 500   kg



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