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TB-CW200L,TB-CW300L Offshore

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TB-CW200L,TB-CW300L Offshore ,TB-CW200L,TB-CW300L Offshore ,TB-CW200L,TB-CW300L Offshore
SKU: TB-CW200L,TB-CW300L Offshore



Wet blast Injector System

Tongbao’s Wet blast Injector System adds the dust-suppressing power of water to any pressure blast machine.  The Wet blast injects a small amount of water into the high-velocity abrasive/air stream just before the nozzle.

This hard-hitting mixture of water and abrasive cleans and keeps dust levels under control.

The Wet blast System introduces water into the abrasive/air stream before it passes through the nozzle orifice.  This results in a complete wetting of each abrasive particle, unlike with water ring systems.  The Wet blast controls airborne dust far better than water ring systems.

Portable Suction Blast and Vacuum System

Air powered mobile dustless abrasive blasting equipment with superior productivity, suction power and separation efficiency.

Tongbao's Vacuum Blaster units are suitable for different purposes and applications, and have superior suction power and separation efficiency. The units are based on pressure vessels in combination with compressed air filters and pressure regulators that ensure sufficient speed of operation in a dust free environment. tongbao has been operating in the field of environmental equipment for more than 20 years, and has extensive experience in equipment and systems for blasting applications. The Vacuum Blaster comes complete, mounted on a trolley with a grit separator, silo with an internal sieve, filling valve, efficient vacuum producer and compressed air filters. A pneumatic valve in the bottom of the silo empties the dust into a plastic bag. Furthermore, the unit is equipped with a pneumatic control devicefor automatic filter cleaning. The Vacuum Blaster also comes with a 10 m hose with a blasting and suction head. The capacity of the vacuum unit is determined by the maximum blast pressure and the type of blasting abrasive used. The sieve ensures that bigger extracted particles can not enter into the blast vessel. The filling cone is pushed up by the blasting abrasive and the lid above it ensures sufficient clearance to eject the abrasive.

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Technical paramete




Blasting mode

air jet

air jet

air jet

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Machine diameter




Operating tube length




Blasting nozzle diameter(boron carbide)

φ6.4 mm

φ8 mm

φ8 mm

Air consumption (80 psi)







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