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TONGBAO® “W Series” with a broad portfolio of wet blasting processes, Tongbao can offer the right installation for manual or automatic blasting tasks, capable of processing both small and large components.

The wet blasting method is typically used for surface improvement, cleaning, stripping, preparation of coatings, deburring and shot peening. Wet blasting is especially well suited for finishing delicate, precision produced parts.

The main advantages are:

No dust

Ability to use fine abrasives

Reduced fragmentation due to the protective water film

Reduced risk of abrasive inclusions

The recirculation of the water/abrasive mixture is achieved by using special, high durability sludge pumps, which provide excellent technical and environmental benefits. 

All installations are available with Tongbao’s innovative line of process water recycling systems. These include centrifuge and hydrocyclones, as well as our patented chemical process water cleaners.

Special features:

High, uniform power per unit surface

The compressed air and blasting medium are fed to the blasting jet via the same tube.

Independent of the specific weight of the blasting medium because it is pressed into the tube and swept along by the compressed air flow.

Large working distances possible (jet orifice to workpiece surface) as the blasting medium exits at high speed.

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