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  • TBQ378A-2 Single Hanger-type blast machine

TBQ378A-2 Single Hanger-type blast machine

Quick Overview

It is a manual double door opening equipment with single hook. The effective size of machine is Φ33 by 59 inch.

The maximum lifting weight of machine is 2205 lb.  The total power of the machine is 35 Kw.

SKU: TBQ378A-2


It is a manual double door opening equipment with single hook. The effective size of machine is Φ33 by 59 inch.

The maximum lifting weight of machine is 2205 lb.  The total power of the machine is 35 Kw.

The machine uses single hook or double hooks to shot blast, in the range of effective processing size

(Note: for example the effective processing size of Models 378 is ¢850*1500mm),

the rack can be produced according to the size of the processing, the scope of processing products is flexible.

The machine has high ability of shot blasting, simple and safe operation, compact design, good dust removal effect,

no environmental pollution, to meet the requirements of the national environmental protection standard.


 Common Applications

This series machine is suitable for small and medium-sized casting forging surface cleaning,

decontamination,beautification or strengthening treatment in casting, constructing, chemical industry,

machine tool and other industries. It is particularly suitable for surface shot blasting processing of many varieties batches of castings,

forgings, aluminum alloy castings and metal parts were. in order to get rid of adhering sand and sand core,

rust, stain,oxide on the surface of workpieces. It is also suitable for the heat treated parts surface cleaning and strengthening,

especially for the no collision and thin-walled parts’ shot blasting.

Running Principle

The workpiece is directly hung on the hook or rack, then it will be brought to the traction system in front of blasting room artificially.

After the hook entering the room automatically,

the room door closed pneumatic and electric interlocked to avoid the mistakenly opening the door during blasting time.

The hook shot into the room back and forth reciprocating motion and rotation in the interval set position,

to make the workpiece fully shot and reduce the dead angle of shot. Two or one hook eject in the shot blasting room,

and another one can load and unload the workpiece. The shot blasting time can be adjusted.

After running, the room door will be opened to bring in or out the workpiece. Dust in blasting process is filtered by the two stage dust collector.


The domestic manufacturing is based on Germany shot blasting machine in the ninety's. For the standard model,

shot blasting machine is equipped with manual suspension system, and for the heavy workpieces,

shot blasting machine can be equipped with electric hoist. The door of the shot blasting room can be pneumatic or manual.

The machine is driven by a linear motor, which is a variable frequency motor.

Steel flow control valve can be slightly adjusted, pneumatic opening and closing.

The machine use the most advanced core tube pulse back blowing dust removal system.PLC control for electrical purposes,

with MITSUBISHI for the selection of PLC control instrument, SIEMENS or OMRON for the selection of electrical components.

The shot blasting method of this series machine is still the most economical and reliable physical cleaning method.

Compared with other cleaning technology,shot blasting technology has the following characteristics:

l 1.Improve the anti fatigue properties of mechanical products and metal components.

l 2.Eliminate intensive apply.

l 3.Prolong the service life.

l 4.Optimize the surface state of the workpiece.

l 5.Improve cleaning efficiency.

l 6.Reduce the labor intensity of cleaning.

l 7.Reduce environmental pollution.

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