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Drum shot blast machine

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Drum shot blast machines are manu-factured in several different variants,types and sizes.

They are compact and only have a very small footprint. Continuous through put can be realised by linking several machines.

There is a wide variety of parts that can be treated in drum shot blast machines, ranging from delicate,small parts up to compact castings. For use in foundries,special modules for the separation of the casting sand and abrasive are added to the machine.

drum shot blast machine detail display

TONGBAO manufactures customised wheel shot blast machines. Based on different parts and on the desired surface nish as well as in view of the available space on site,numerous different variants of our drum shot blast machines have been designed.

drum shot blast machineDrum shot blast machines

Drum shot blast machines made by TONGBAO are available in the following standard sizes:

Technical data TBTS050 TBTS150 TBTS300 TBTS500
Drum volume(1) 50 150 300 500
High-performance turbine(quantity) 1 1 1 1
High-performance turbine 7.5 up to 15 up to 22 up to 30
Abrasive conveyance Screw Screw Screw Screw
Maintenance platform Without yes yes yes
Cartridge filter unit TB-4-06 TB-4-06 TB-4-08 TB-4-12

Other extras and features are possible.


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