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Walnut sand abrasive wholesale factory direct selling price

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Surface treatment abrasive, high quality walnut sand abrasive
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Non-metallic abrasive-Walnut sand abrasive

Walnut shell is a granular material with fine pores and good adsorption effect and polishing abrasive which has been processed by degreasing, crushing and screening. Walnut shell is a natural rolling material, and it can not damage the surface of the workpiece and has good polishing effect.

The compressive capacity is strong and the particle size is from 1.25-1.60mm, and the average compressive limit is 0.2295KN (23.40kgf). Walnut shells with a particle size of 0.80-1.00 mm have an average compressive limit of 0.165 KN (16.84 kgf).

It is chemically stable, contains no toxic substances, and is soluble in acid, alkali and water. The loss of walnut shell in hydrochloric acid solution is 4.99%, and the loss rate in sodium hydroxide solution is 3.8%, which will not cause water quality deterioration. phenomenon.






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